Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter in Auvergne

In the night of November 20th, 2013, orange weather alert  in our region.
More then 20 cm of snow fell from the sky and the scenery was transformed from autumn into winter. For the trees in our area it was too early. Because autumn was late  the branches still had leaves on and with the heavy sticky snow the weight was too much for them. Lots of trees fell down on the roads or just broke in two in fields and telephonecables and electricity wires.

On Wednesday 20th November we had an electricity cut till around 17h. Luckily our wood oven worked great and we had no problem to stay warm. For the dogs it was playing time.

In the evening we had 5 minutes of sun, just enough time to take a picture of my ' window view' tree.


 Fudge & Django
the fast and the furry ;-)

Because of the rainy spring our vegetable garden was  late. Still it provided us with some great veggies later over the summer season.
We had an enormous amount of tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes and different kind of pumpkins .

Yesterday  I made some fresh ' Boerenkool' (curly Kale) along with charlotte potatoes, over, of course a nice French saucisse and, a nice Italian Chianti. Then you do not mind that it's wet and cold outside.

 'little green pumpkin'

' our first canning experience '

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Next project: the attic

Now that we have a  new roof, we can start working on transforming the attic into an extra room.
But people who helped us move in know that the attic (during the moving in: room nr. 5) was totally full with boxes and even old stuff from the formal owners.

Like a very old bed, made with real craftsmanship, out of massive wood, with old spirals and a horse-hair mattress.  As good as new but I did not find it very hygienic so we decided not to keep it.
But it was also far too heavy  for us to carry it down two flights of stairs. So, we just demolished it in the attic. Easier said than done though : I do not know how many nails, how much rope and other stuff we had to remove.

So after a day with a feeling of moving out again, today we finally could start removing all the old boards and isolation material. Not a very NICE job! I could tell the mice had a good time up there!

A nice surprise was the big amount of space behind the boards, almost 2 meter 40 extra on both sides.
So enough space for our plans.

Next week second phase of the attic.